[sorry that my carrds not easy to navigate, i suck at this type of stuff ヾ(・・)ノ]

☆Bland boy☆

My names bee! i draw- pronouns r they/he :]


I use Procreate / my ipad ~ I'm only active on insta, twitter, pinterest, and tiktok! you can edit, repost, and use my art as an icon as long as you credit somewhere visible
comissions- ⓧ
store/prints- ⓧ
I am open to working on projects and collabs :3


[basic dnis- racists, homophobes, ESPECIALLY PROSHIPPERS] dream smp or jschlatt fans


🍼 Please don't repost my art without credit, because i allow reposts it hurts me when people take advantage of that and don't credit me for my work, thank you